Original Kojie San Facial Beauty Soap - 135g, 2 Bars Per Pack
Original Kojie San Facial Beauty Soap - 135g, 2 Bars Per Pack

Original Kojie San Facial Beauty Soap - 135g, 2 Bars Per Pack

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This Skin Brightening Soap by Beauty Elements Ventures Manufacturing Inc. are the foundation of any good skin brightening regimen. These brightening soaps are proven to effectively treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne scars, and melasma. With regular use, you will start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

-Each bar is 135g - 2 Bars are included
-Approved Kojie San Seller - Products are guaranteed authentic
-Suitable for use on both face and body
-A daily soap that combines coconut oil with natural kojic acid and refreshing tea tree oil. The combination of these ingredients will help your skin look its best while providing great moisture
-Moisturizing coconut oil primes skin for maximum absorption of kojic acid
-Highly effective at reducing the appearance of age spots, freckles, and other signs of sun damage
-Indulgent and refreshing orange citrus scent, with a luxurious and rich later that leaves skin feeling fresh and clean

Key Active Ingredients
Kojic Acid: A naturally occurring ingredient that is derived from several types of fungi or a byproduct from fermenting sake, soy sauce, rice wine or miso. Kojic Acid has a long history of consumption as well as use in Japanese culture, and is considered one of the primary secrets, as well as the cornerstone of Japanese skincare tradition.

Coconut Oil: An antioxidant expelled from the fruit of the coconut, coconut oil has moisturizing properties, as well as a natural emollient. Excellent at removing waxy or inky eyeliner and mascara. Coconut oil is widely used as a natural moisturizer and works synergistically with Kojic Acid to gently brighten skin and tea tree oil to leave your skin feeling fresh.

Tea Tree Oil: Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties help combat oily, itchy, and dry skin. The anti-inflammatory effect of tea tree oil can help to soothe and relieve painful and irritated skin. It may also help to reduce redness and swelling.