Relumins Oral Acne Treatment - Dermatologist Formula - Dual Capsule For Clear Skin - Protects Against Acne Scars

Relumins Oral Acne Treatment - Dermatologist Formula - Dual Capsule For Clear Skin - Protects Against Acne Scars

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 New from Relumins -The Most Effective Oral Acne, Clear Skin Supplement!

Professional acne treatment - formulated specifically to improve skin's clarity from inside out, while toning benefits and improving skin's texture!

Relumins labs has introduced the most advanced oral acne treatment available. Combining 11 ingredients that are clinically proven to improve and clear acne, reduce thick skin sebum which blocks pores, and dramatically reduces inflammation which is the main cause of damage and scarring.
These 11 natural ingredients are safe and proven to work better than anything else available today. Studies linked below show dramatic and lasting improvement in all measures of skin health including total lesions, inflammatory lesions, comedones, oily skin.
Unlike prescription drugs like Accutane, a form of Isotretinoin there are no dangerous side effects to Relumins Professional Acne Treatment.

BENEFITS of Relumins Oral Acne - Dermatologist Formula:

  • Penetrates deep to fight acne at its source
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and clean, not tight and dry
  • Improves skin clarity
  • Designed to penetrate active blemishes to fight acne-causing bacteria to reveal healthy, glowing, clear skin
  • Gets rid of toxins that can cause breakouts

Powerful active ingredients - Clinically Proven Safe and Effective for:

  • Reducing Acne Lesions
  • Reducing Skin Damage from Inflammation
  • Reducing comedones
  • Reduce pore size - for healthy, beautiful skin

    CAPSULE: Lactoferrin, Vitamins A,C,E, B5 and B6, Niacinamide, Selenium, Zinc and Turmeric Extract - For Clear Glowing Skin.

    SOFTGEL: Dermatological Grade Borage Oil Supplying 300mg of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) - Natural Acne Fighters - For Clear Healthy Skin.

    Clinical Studies:
    1. Lactoferrin With Vitamin E and Zinc for Treating Mild to Moderate Acne Vulgaris
    2. Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Omega-3 Fatty Acid and Gamma-linolenic Acid on Acne Vulgaris: A Randomised, Doubleblind, Controlled Trial
    3. Acne showed improvement in the lactoferrin group by significant decreases in inflammatory lesion count by 38.6%, compared with the placebo group at 12 wk.
  • Sebum content in the lactoferrin group was decreased by 31.1% compared with the placebo group.
  • Amounts of triacylglycerols and free fatty acids decreased in the lactoferrin group.
  • The decreased amount of triacylglycerols in the lactoferrin group was significantly correlated with decreases in serum content, acne lesion counts, and acne grade.
  • No alterations in skin hydration or pH were noted in either group.
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